The irony in this site is that I have tried so hard not to let being a “widow” define who I am, and yet my domain name is centered around that very fact. Widowhood is most certainly not something I have embraced. Yet, whether I like it or not, it is the angle that provides much of the back story and the life event that influences much of my writings. This blog, however, is not about being a widow, or dealing with cancer, or coping with grief, although there will be elements of all, or none, of those in my posts. It is about life. And learning to accept that life is a gift, even when the path seems a burden.

My intent for this blog is to provide content that will make you laugh, make you cry, but above all, make you think. Many of the writings I will share, especially my early ones dealing with John’s cancer and subsequent death are quite raw. Right or wrong they were my thoughts and feelings. You do not have to agree with anything I write and are free to comment to the contrary. My one request is that you do so respectfully.